Business and Marketing 101

Re-Branding your Organization

We are rebranding!   The team at Venture Catalysts is finally ready to publicly announce...that we will be re-branding in 2018! This has been quite a long process, truly beginning in March of this year and we’re not done yet! There are a lot of things on a...

Q4 Marketing Strategy

Q4 Marketing Strategy   Q4 is almost here, and with over a decade of retail sales and management under my belt, I have experienced how overwhelming, yet important, Q4 can be for a business. Q4 can make or break a retail operation for the entire year having 30-40%...

Measure Twice, Market Once

Measure Twice, Market Once “Measure twice, cut once.” my dad would say each and every time I would try to help him in his myriad of woodworking projects. Having assisted hundreds of businesses, large and small, with their marketing I'm constantly shocked to discover...

The Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule) in Marketing

The Pareto Principle is also known as the 80/20 Rule-where 80% of the results come from 20% of the functionality. In business it can also be described as 80% of the revenue is generated from 20% of the products/services offered. When it comes to marketing the same holds true-80% of the revenue is generated from 20% of the organic keywords you rank for, content you produce, social media posts you generate etc.

How to Write a Good Blog (That Will Actually Get Read)

These days, anyone can easily become a writer by starting a blog! There are multiple free sites to help you start a blog, without needing any computer coding or web building skills. Say you decide to start a blog, you get it all set up, and you even write a few entries-now how do you make sure people are reading it??

Developing Personas-The Importance of Knowing Your Customer Base

If you’ve been researching marketing for your business, the term “persona” has likely come up. What exactly is a persona? It’s a generic, fictional customer that you develop that encompasses all of the qualities of your ideal customer pool. Why should you develop your personas? You can reach a more ideal audience, more quickly by knowing who you are trying to reach.

What Exactly is Marketing Automation?

Marketing is a big piece of how to generate more revenue, and marketing automation is the newest, most digitally advanced way to generate more leads, increase customer engagement, and improve performance measuring. Like most sales models, these steps then lead to closing sales and generating revenue.

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