Marketing Automation

According to SharpSpring, 63% of companies utilizing Marketing Automation are outgrowing their competitors! Don’t get left behind! Let us help you grow your business through marketing automation today.

Marketing automation is a tool used to marry the duties of a marketing team and a sales team, to save you time and money. Emails will be sent to your clients, and based on responses and activity to forms or links in the email, a further chain of emails will send automatically to keep them engaged, and eventually turn your cold leads into sales!

This “work smarter, not harder” process frees you up to meet with clients, generate leads, close sales, but lets your email do the in between work and follow up for you. Through our partner, SharpSpring, we will analyze your results and manage adjustments as needed in order to generate as much revenue as possible.

Click on the links below to learn more about marketing automation!

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Want to see how Marketing Automation works? Try out our Magic Trick! We’ve created this Magic Trick through SharpSpring to give you a preview of how marketing automation works to track activity through email…give it a try!

Magic Trick

Case Study – The Power of Email Automation

Surely you remember a time when email was brand new and exciting. It really wasn't that long ago! As an older millennial, I remember when email was brand new for consumers and getting my first email address through AOL and hearing that exhilarating new phrase -...

What Exactly is Marketing Automation?

Marketing is a big piece of how to generate more revenue, and marketing automation is the newest, most digitally advanced way to generate more leads, increase customer engagement, and improve performance measuring. Like most sales models, these steps then lead to closing sales and generating revenue.

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